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From Sketchbook to Printed Product

Hey, Rob here. I'm the owner, operator, and artist for LRS. One of the aspects of this company that I believe sets LRS apart from many of the other Fishing/ Outdoor lifestyle companies out there is the art work that I create for our products. Drawing and fishing go hand in hand for me, ( I wish that were literal, if I could draw with one hand while fishing with the other, that'd be the bees knees) and LRS ultimately is a combination of these two life long passions. When you're wearing LRS, or slapping a new decal on your fly box, truck window or wherever, all those products started off from a sketchbook and an idea I likely had while on a boring drive, eating dinner, or more ideally while out on the water. If you're curious how it gets from that piece of paper in my sketchbook, to the package arriving in your mail box, well then go ahead and keep scrolling!

STEP 1 | The sketch.

This sketch is from the Forever Fishing Tees. Once the drawing is reasonably polished on paper, I'll scan it and do any necessary clean up in Photoshop.

STEP 2 | Coloring.

Now that I have the line work cleaned up how I'd like it, I start the coloring on my digital tablet. I tend like flatter colors, with a bit of muted vintage feel. Drawing like this lends it self to screen printing beautifully as well, so it's a win win. With this drawing, I ended up doing two color ways for both Steelhead and Brown Trout.

STEP 3 | Finalizing.

Once I have the coloring how I want it, I add in any extra textures as well as type and make the drawing ready to be sent off to the printers.

STEP 3 | Printing.

Now that the design is completed, I hand it over to my trusted local printers to work their magic! Seeing the drawing transform for paper, to screen, to shirt never gets old.

STEP 4 | Wearing.

Voila, there you have it. From pencil and paper, to printed shirt. Now you know where LRS designs originate from, and what goes into the products your purchasing and wearing!


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