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About Us

who is lrs

Hey, my name’s Rob Benigno. I’m an artist, angler, and the owner of LRS. I was born and raised in Western New York. I’ve been drawing and fishing since I could hold a pencil and fishing rod. Growing up, you could find me dunking worms on local lakes, rivers, and streams. When I wasn’t fishing, I’d spend countless hours doodling on stacks of computer paper, notebooks, napkins, or whatever else I could get my hands on. This passion has always stuck with me. All through out my school years, I spent more time drawing than paying attention or doing homework. Eventually, I realized I ought to try and make something of my artistic skills. After graduating high school, I balanced my time between a 6 year tattooing career, attending college for Illustration, and of course still making time to get on the water. My love for art and angling has always been a major part of who I am and after graduating, I aimed to create a business that combines both of these passions. In 2015, Lakes Rivers Streams was formed.


what is lrs

Lakes Rivers Streams is a company formed at the confluence of art and angling, with its values rooted in creating quality gear and designs that stand out from everything else. The inspiration for the art comes from time on the water, and is taken back to the drawing desk where designs are brought to life. The sole purpose is to create quality gear for anglers that represents our shared passion, and to be worn on and off the water. I love drawing as much as I love fishing, and get equally as stoked on a new piece of art as I do catching a 30 inch trout. I want anyone who wears LRS to feel the same excitement I do while creating it.

why buy lrs

Well from a self-indulgent point of view, every time you purchase something from LRS, it’s getting my dream of being able to draw and fish for a living that much closer to a reality. But I’m not trying to get you to buy LRS for me, because honestly I’m pretty sure we all share that dream. LRS is quality crafted gear that showcases a passion for angling with modern and creative designs.  A small glimpse into our catalog will reveal something different from anything you’ll find at other outdoor apparel companies; hand drawn creative and unique concepts and imagery. I believe pouring my passion for fishing and drawing into every product shows in the end result, and will make you love wearing LRS both on and off the water.

about us
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